The time is long overdue to revolutionize criminal justice to ensure justice is actually being served. We must do several things to accomplish this objective. These are some of the core steps I will take to make the put justice back into the justice system.


1) End the Federal War on Drugs;

2) Repeal any and all federal legislation criminalizing adult sex work including FOSTA and SESTA;


3) repealing horrible federal legislation which has destroyed countless lives like the VCCLEA, AEDPA, and PLRA;


4) ensuring that the voting rights of all federal prisoners are restored;

5) Ending mandatory minimums and mandatory consecutive sentences;


At a time when so many Americans are struggling to provide for themselves and for their families. When families are struggling to afford housing, struggling to afford healthcare, struggling to cover education costs, and in need of increased income I will ensure that the government is not part of the problem but instead becomes part of the solution. I will attack the root of the problem instead of reactive and ineffective policies which address it's symptoms  while worsening the problem.

1) The government cannot claim that American citizens are not making enough money to live on while it's hands are in people's pockets. The federal income tax must end.

2) Government needs to stop sprinkling just enough crumbs to people to help them survive. I will focus on long term solutions that will help Americans to thrive.


It is time to ensure that all branches of the government are fulfilling their duties and not overstepping their authority. Congress must assume it's powers to declare war and constrain the executive branch to it's lawful bounds. And we must ensure that we only use the war powers of the United States to defend the country against an actual and defined threat. We must change our approach to foreign policy in the following manner

1) It is long overdue that we bring a swift end to all undeclared wars and bring our military personnel back home.

2)We must stop all imperial activity and close the multitudes of military bases we have in foreign nations.

3)We must not engage in offensive acts of war against foreign nations that do not have the capability and will to attack the United States.



For too long  we have witnessed incidents of government misconduct, oppression, and corruption. We have watched politcians and government officials make speeches and declarations about change while doing very little or nothing at all. It is long past due for us to hold the government accountable to the laws, regulations, and the Constitution of the United States. To achieve this aim I will support and draft legislation limiting governmental power and creating accountability at all levels of government including:


1) Independent oversight of all federal agencies, and the employees of those agencies.


2) Independent oversight of both houses of Congress.


3) Independent oversight of Federal judges. 

4) Complete transparency of all oversight committees.